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This English course is based on the National Curriculum for the 11 Plus Examination. This 50 week video lecture course covers a full academic year and will help you get on your way to 11 Plus success. The main topics covered include grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, creative writing and essay writing tips. Each week consists of 2 video lectures (each approximately 4-6 minutes long) with real teachers followed by 60 questions. Over the course of the year, you will have access to 100 video lectures and 3000 questions with explanations. Our syllabus has been carefully structured to maximise learning and information retention. Follow us for 11 plus success!

Recommended pace

 There are 2 videos and 6 quizzes added every week.

 We recommend that the pupil:

  • watches the video first before attempting the quizzes.
  • sets aside approximately 30-45 minutes each week to watch and take both video lectures and quizzes. More time may be needed for more difficult topics, to account for time to take notes and rewind sections when necessary.
  • keeps retaking the vocabulary tests and writing down all unfamiliar words, until every word is understood and remembered clearly.


WeekLecture 1Lecture 2
Week 1A. Past Simple, Past Perfect and Present PerfectB. Full stops & Capital letters
Week 2A. PrefixesB. Language features in creative writing- Powerful verbs
Week 3A. Auxiliary verbsB. Commas
Week 4A. 'i before e'B. Language features in creative writing- Metaphors & Similes
Week 5A. Fewer, Fewest, Less, Least, Better, Best, Worse, WorstB. Semicolons
Week 6A. HomophonesB. Repetition
Week 7A. The Past Simple TenseB. Colons
Week 8A. Homophones & ConfusablesB. Questions & Exclamations
Week 9A. The Past ParticipleB. Brackets, Dashes & Colons
Week 10A. Words ending in '-ous'B. Exaggeration & Personification
Week 11A. ClausesB. Apostrophes for possession
Week 12A. Suffixes & Abstract nounsB. Onomatopoeia & Alliteration
Week 13A. The relative pronounB. Apostrophes for contractions
Week 14A. Silent Consonant LettersB. Alliteration, Assonance & Consonance
Week 15A. Comparatives & SuperlativesB. Punctuation- Revision
Week 16A. Irregular PluralsB. Similes
Week 17A. The Present TenseB. Punctuation - Revision
Week 18A. -able or -ible?B. The Rule of Three
Week 19A. The Future TenseB. Abbreviations
Week 20A. Consonants-To double or not?B. Metaphors
Week 21A. The Past TensesB. Inverted Commas (Speech Marks)
Week 22A. Suffixes- ent -al -ureB. Sensory descriptions I
Week 23A. NounsB. Paragraphs
Week 24A. Words with the 'shun' soundB. Sensory Descriptions II
Week 25A. Adjectives & Adverbs (fronted adverbials)B. Single & double inverted commas (quotation marks)
Week 26A. ie/ei, ay/ey, ee/eaB. Establishing a Mood
Week 27A. Conjunctions, Pronouns & PrepositionsB. Lists
Week 28A. ough or augh?B. Tenses & Pronouns
Week 29A. The ArticleB. Punctuation Revision
Week 30A. oal/ole & are/airB. Interesting vocabulary
Week 31A. The passive voiceB. Hyphens
Week 32A. -ant/-ent & -ate/-iteB. Sophisticated words :
Week 33A. Direct & Indirect reported speechB. Commas- revision
Week 34A. -er/-re, -el/-le, -or/-erB. Connectives
Week 35A. The present participle B. General Knowledge I- Geography
Week 36A. Adding a suffix to final -y wordsB. Coherence & Cohesion
Week 37A. The verb: to beB. Animals- collective, homes, gender, baby
Week 38A. Suffixes: -ory, -ary, -eryB. Imagery
Week 39A. Auxiliary Verbs- revisionB. Homonyms, Homographs, Homophones
Week 40A. Words ending in -eB. Different Genres
Week 41A. Parts of speech- pronounsB. General Knowledge II- History
Week 42A. Single or double L?B. Relevance & Insight
Week 43A. Parts of speech- PrepositionsB. Ending a Sentence
Week 44A. words ending in -re/ore, -ar/re, -ure/ourB. Rhyming
Week 45A. Parts of speech- ConjunctionsB. Compound Words
Week 46A. Suffixes- revisionB. Language features revision & Irony
Week 47A. The GerundB. General Knowledge III- Science
Week 48A. Words beginning -ru/roB. Headlines
Week 49A. Grammar- revisionB. Punctuation - revision
Week 50A. Spelling- revisionB. Story writing mistakes to avoid & revision