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Problem Solving

This Advanced Problem Solving Maths course is based on the National Curriculum for the 11 Plus Examination. This 50 week video lecture course covers a full academic year and will help you get on your way to 11 Plus success. The video lectures focus on worded problems. The main topics covered include numbers, measurement, geometry, statistics, algebra, probability, ratio and proportion. Each week consists of 4 video lectures (each approximately 7-10 minutes long) with real teachers showing you the precise steps needed to solve each worded problem, followed by 40 questions. Over the course of the year, you will have access to 200 video lectures and 2000 questions. Our syllabus has been carefully structured to maximise learning and information retention. Follow us for 11 plus success!

Recommended pace

There are 4 videos and 4 quizzes added every week.
We recommend that the pupil: 

  • first watches the lecture video and then attempts the quiz. This is to warm the pupil up as the video lectures are of an advanced level of solving word problems. Each video will consist of a word problem. The teacher will read the problem out once. The pupil should then pause the video to attempt the question alone, writing down every step of the calculations and all working out to get to the final answer. When the pupil feels ready, they can press play to continue the video and watch the teacher guide them, step-by-step, through the precise way to get to the correct answer. The pupil can compare their own steps to the those which the teacher explains. This way, if there is a discrepancy between their answer and the answer on the video, the pupil will be able to see the exact point where they went wrong, to correct the place and learn from it and to avoid making such a mistake in the future.

  • sets aside approximately 50-65 minutes each week to watch and take all of the video lectures and quizzes. More time may be needed for more difficult topics, to include time for taking notes, doing more advanced calculations and rewinding sections when necessary.


WeekLecture 1Lecture 2Lecture 3Lecture 4
 Week 19 The Cuboid: volume, surface areaPainting the Pool: volume, surface areaThree Wooden Blocks: volume, surface areaThe Garden, area, fractions
 Week 20 Norman's plants: Median, DecimalsNorman's Plants: Length, DecimalsA family at the circus: Mean, MoneyCynthia's Jewellery Boxes: Sequences
 Week 21 The Restaurant: ProportionStrawberry Jam: Proportion, Weight, DivisionPancakes & Waffles: RatioWayne's Day of Digging: Ratio, Time
 Week 22 Jenny's Cash: MoneyThe Cafe's Sales: Money, Input & OutputAndy's Coin Jar: Money, MultiplicationRenting Boats: Money, Multiplication
 Week 23 The Spinner: ProbabilityDrawing Blocks: ProbabilityThe Balls in a Bag: ProbabilityPenelope's free miles: Distance, mix
 Week 24 Seven Cards: Sequences, SubtractionThe paint tins: DivisionThe football stadium: Money, 7 digits, fractionsPens & Rulers: Money, Multiplication, Division
 Week 25 Harry's Logs: Multiplication, DivisionTins of Paint: Capacity, DivisionJenny's Travels: FractionsThe clock: Angles
 Week 26 The optical shop's profits: Money, FractionsA trip to the science museum: PercentagesOlly's Birthday Party: FractionsGeoff & Sofia go to school: Time, Decimals
 Week 27 Rachel's Box: AreaHarry's Flat: AreaThe School Hall: AreaRyan the Farmer: Area, Money
 Week 28 Kelly's Income: Percentages, Money, TimeJason's sheds: Perimeter, Length, Doubling & Halvingali's height: Algebra, Ratio, LengthSam & Ronnie's bedrooms: Area, Perimeter, Doubling & Halving
 Week 29 Joan's Pin Board: Square Numbers, LengthRecipe for Cornbread: FractionsMum's soup: FractionsA Baker and a Bagel: Fractions
 Week 30 The Ballet Audition: HCF, MultiplicationBridget's Swimming Lessons: LCM, DatesThe Goody Bags: Common MultiplesThe Tables: LCM
 Week 31 Selling Apples, Percentages, Multiplication, MoneyHarry's Salary: Multiplication, Division, MoneyA Trip to New York: Money, PercentagesDave's Points: Money, Multiplication
 Week 32 The Octagon: ShapesThe isosceles Triangle: AnglesThe Equilateral Triangle: ShapesThe Triangle: Angles, Shapes, Algebra, Doubling & Halving
 Week 33 The Shoe Boxes: Area, VolumeTins of Blue Paint: AreaFlorence and the Wallpaper: Area6 Triangles: Area, Division, Shapes
 Week 34 Gaining Weight: Fractions, WeightWater Bottles: Capacity, MultiplicationDoughnuts, Pizza and Cake: Weight, Doubling, AlgebraLisa's Fish Tank: Volume, Capacity
 Week 35 Apples & Pears: HCFTwo numbers: AlgebraThe Cheetah and the Ostrich: HCF, SpeedJoan's Colourful Strings: Factors, HCF, Length
 Week 36 The Triangle: Algebra, Area, Length, ShapesKids at a Circus: AlgebraThe Dog Food: AlgebraThe Roller Coaster and The Carousel: Algebra
 Week 37 Helen's Drive: Distance, TimeFred & Nick visit their parents: Speed, Distance, FractionsLondon to Stoke-On-Trent: Speed, Distance, TimeThe Record Marathon: Distance, Speed, Time, Rounding
 Week 38 The Firm's Profits: FractionsGetting Around in London: Fractions, PercentagesUma's Garden: Fractions, LengthZach's Apples: Fractions, Algebra
 Week 39 Mr Carter's Diarys: TimeJenny's Work Hours: TimeWayne & Ashley's Wall: Time, Algebra100 Children: Fractions
 Week 40 The Sports Car & The Lorry: Distance, Speed, TimeThe Bus Route: Distance, Time, SpeedA bicycle Wheel: Distance, Shapes, DiameterSophia Visits her Gran: Time, Distance, Speed, Algebra
 Week 41 Spain vs Austria: Bar Chart, MoneyTenerife in November: Bar Charts, PercentagesKaprun: Bar chartsSwimming on a Monday: Bar charts, Percentages
 Week 42 Gary & Joanna's Height: Bar Charts, TimeGary & Joanna's Heights II: Bar Charts, LengthThe Superstores: Pie Charts, Fractions, MoneyThe Superstores: Pie Charts, Fractions
 Week 43 Jane & Henry's Sweets: RatioThe Stool & The Table: Ratio, Area, Fraction, AlgebraMixing Cement: Ratio, WeightHarry's Fuel: Fractions, Distance, Money
 Week 44 Tickets to the Musical: AlgebraMy House: Algebra, Area, PerimeterBats & Balls: AlgebraThe Campsite: Algebra
 Week 45 Lydia's Cake: Volume, Surface Area, HalvingPhil's Bedroom Walls: Volume, Surface AreaA sweetcorn harvest: Area, MoneyA Coach's Wheel: Distance, Length, Circumference
 Week 46 Melannie's Income: Percentages, FractionsLeah's Car: Percentages, AlgebraThe Conference: PercentagesSara's Laptop: Percentages
 Week 47 Michael the Swimmer: Length, Time, MulitiplicationTrees on a High Street: LengthThe Triangular Prism: Volume, LengthThe Cube: Area, Volume, Conversion
 Week 48 The Football Team: Fractions, DistanceThe Walking Family: Conversion, Division, DistanceMy House: Multiplication, FractionsThe Temperature in Berlin: Mean, Algebra
 Week 49 The cycle to school: Distance, speed timeJoan's Swimming Pool: area, fractionsThe Luggage: Weight, FractionsPenelope's Free Miles: Mix
 Week 50 Jason's Journey: Speed, Distance, Time, DecimalsPaula's Vegetable Patch: Percentages, FractionsThe Farmer and his Cows: Doubling, Halving, AlgebraThe Art Exhibition: Multiplication