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Core Maths

This core maths course covers all the fundamental maths topics relevant to the 11 Plus based on the National Curriculum. This is not just a basic maths course. Rather, it is an essential core maths course. We recommend the pupil to take this course to secure a solid foundation on all vital topics before moving on to the advanced problem solving course.
Each video lecture involves the teacher explaining the various concepts in detail, as well as working through sample 11 Plus questions and the steps to get to the correct solutions.

Recommended pace

There are 2 videos and 2 quizzes added every week.
We recommend that the pupil: 

  • first watches the lecture video and then attempts the quiz.

  • sets aside approximately 20-25 minutes each week to watch and take all of the video lectures and quizzes. More time may be needed for more difficult topics, to include time for taking notes, doing more advanced calculations and rewinding sections when necessary.

  • please note: the topics that have a star beside them include 11+ problem solving practice questions.


WK 1Multiples and LCM*LCM
WK 2Factors and HCF*HCF
WK 3FractionsEquivalent Fractions
WK 4Ordering FractionsAdding & Subtracting Fractions
WK 5*Place Value*Place Value
WK 6Area of a Triangle2D Shapes: Triangles
WK 7Area of a QuadrilateralArea of a Quadrilateral
WK 8PerimeterPerimeter of the Compound Shapes
WK 9Adding & Subtracting DecimalsDecimal Point
WK 10Mutiplying & Dividing Decimals*Decimals
WK 11*Place Value*Place Value
WK 12TimeAdding & Subtracting Time
WK 13AnglesInterior Angles of Polygons
WK 142D Shapes: Quadrilaterals2D Shapes: Quadrilaterals
WK 15Angles*Angles
WK 16LengthLength: Imperial Units
WK 17WeightWeight
WK 18Capacity*Capacity
WK 19PercentagesPercentages, Fractions and Decimals
WK 20Worded Percentage Questions*Percentages
WK 21Length and DistanceLength
WK 22Area of the Compound Shapes*Area
WK 23Mean, Mode, Median and Range*Mean, Mode, Median and Range
WK 25Decimals to FractionsDecimals
WK 26Revision: *Fractions, *Place ValueRevision: *Area, *Decimals
WK 27VolumeVolume
WK 28Surface Area*Surface Area
WK 29Ratio and Proportion*Ratio and Proportion
WK 30Multiplying & Dividing Fractions*Fractions
WK 31Scale*Ratio
WK 32Distance, Speed and Time*Distance, Speed and Time
WK 33Pie Chart*Pie Chart
WK 343D Shapes3D Shapes
WK 35Mean, Mode, Median and RangeMean, Mode, Median and Range
WK 36Co-ordinatesReflection
WK 37Co-ordinates*Co-ordinates
WK 38AlgebraAlgebra: Expressions
WK 39ProbabilityProbability: Coins
WK 40*Percentages*Percentages
WK 41*Distance*Distance, Speed and Time
WK 423D Shapes: Nets*2D Shapes
WK 43Algebra: Substitution*Algebra
WK 44Probability: Dice, Dart*Probability
WK 45Bar ChartBar Chart
WK 46Line GraphLine Graph
WK 47Pie Chart*Pie Chart
WK 48AlgebraAlgebra
WK 49Revision: *Fractions, *Ratio and ProportionRevision: *Volume, *Cordinates
WK 50Revision: *Fractions, *FractionsRevision: *Line Graph, *Probability